Crafting, delivering, and constantly improving pitches is an essential skill for entrepreneurs, but it represents only half of the way. The other half consists in being seen by the qualified stakeholders that would be interested by your startup.While the first part depends on you, the second one doesn't entirely. Pitchliners wants to help startups on both part :

By defining a new standard way to create & share video pitch broadly (Pitch Video Maker)

By empowering startups to get noticed or spotted (Pitch Video Library)


You don't have a video pitch yet ? Here is a template to help you craft a great video pitch.

We created a template that you can use : 6 questions / 20 sec per question.

Our goal is to simplify the exercise to give you the opportunity to do it regularly.
And to make sure that every startups give the same level of information to give everyone the same level of comprehension (Standardization).

Pitch your startup in one sentence
("So, what do you do?")

"My company, (insert name of company), is developing (a defined offering) to help (a defined audience) (solve a problem) with (secret sauce)".
From Founder Institute

20 seconds
Why are you the best team to make it happen?
(Founders-Market Fit+Team)²

Who are you?
Why are you the best team to solve this : execution skills, Relevant experience, passion, vision, secret knowledge, unique insights, chemistry between founders, A+ team.

20 seconds
What is the problem worth solving?
(No pain, no gain)

What is the problem you are trying to solve?
What is your market? How big is it? What is the demand for this specific need, market timing, market competitiveness, B2C / B2B?

20 seconds
What is your secret sauce ?
(What makes you unique)

What is your solution? Value proposition? Unfair advantage? The”wow” effect ? How do you deliver value to your customers ?
What is your Go-To-Market strategy ?

20 seconds
What are your key achievements ?
(Getting things done)

What are your key metrics ? Revenue growth (if any), revenue streams, traction, burn rate, margins, paths to profitability, path to customers, roadmap.

20 seconds
What is your next milestone ?
(If you don't ask, you don't get)

What is your next step ?
What do you want/need ? Why now ? Call-to-action ?
What is the most important thing you want your audience to take away from your pitch ?

20 seconds